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I’m lucky enough to be flying off on holiday for a week or so shortly and needed to get some travel insurance. Rather than go back to the company I used before I decided to try one of the price comparison sites.

My thinking was that I wouldn’t have to trawl through hundreds of different offerings as the work would be done for me. All I have to do is find the product that suits my needs and away I go.

This got me thinking about the myriad of business ‘opportunities’ that we are exposed to every single day. How does anyone find out which offering is worth pursuing. What’s needed is an ‘opportunity comparison’ website where you can compare one against another to find something suitable for your situation.

That’s essentially the idea behind More Money Review. Every day new business opportunities are listed and you are able to review whether they will offer you something worth trying.

As each product or service is published readers are invited to make comments, good or bad on the entry. There are pretty lively conversations going on over there all the time so you can be sure of reading both sides of the story.

I should declare an interest here as I do write reviews for the site, the latest one is Xtreme Pip Poacher which I’m currently testing.

Another benefit of More Money Review is that the whole gamut of business opportunties is put under the microscope. So whether your interest is Forex, trading, seminars, horses, football or whatever you’ll probably find a review on the site of the latest offerings.

Joining is free and you are encouraged to contribute with your own experiences. We all know nothing is perfect but at least you have a chance of discovering some potential profitable products or services with this particular review site.

The owner, Jack Whiteman, publishes regular updates and keeps readers up to date with the very latest offerings. You could do yourself a huge favour and save a lot of wasted time by subscribing.

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