Muddying the waters between Imperia Invest and GPP…

I guess it was bound to happen…it seems members are getting so frustrated by the deathly silence from Imperia Invest and GPP that any supposed information coming out is being attributed to both.

Recently there was a comment to one of my posts that suggested Imperia had in fact issued debit cards and to prove it some photos were attached.

Lo and behold today there’s another blog comment showing a link to a site that purports to show the GPP debit card. Guess what, they’re both the same set of photos!

Perhaps we shouldn’t be that surprised. The lack of communication is desperately frustrating and you can’t blame people for clinging to any sign of a positive outcome.

Sadly, the photos are by no means conclusive and it is very difficult to ascertain exactly who they are from. In all of this speculation that seems to be increasing everyone is forgetting that both Imperia and GPP have categorically stated that if they haven’t published it then it is not true.

Clearly Imperia have made this more difficult by removing their site but it seems logical that they would still have email addresses and therefore a means to communicate with members.

GPP have always said that they didn’t issue the message about purchasing debit cards so members are really none the wiser.

After seeing the first set of photos I was quite encouraged and hopeful, now I shall retreat to being non-commital and wait to see if we get any official announcements from either group.

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