Oil Sector

EIA stats here:

E.I.A. Statistics

GAS 372K 150K -1000K to 2000K
DISTILLATE 1630K 450K -1300K to 1700K
CRUDE 5511K 875K -1000K to 2200K

As you can see the numbers are bearish.We’ll have to wait until the dust settles to see where we go from here.SU did trigger as a long,and I hope anyone who took that trade used some discretion with those numbers coming out.I’ll follow up on that later,for now it seems to be holding it’s breakout of the cup and handle pattern on the daily.Intraday if you took an entry,I hope you took something off the table on that pop up to 84.13.As for myself,I missed my entry,on my own setup,and ended up taking small scalps in it.I am currently not in the stock as that was a pretty nasty pullback on the reaction,but I will be stalking SU for a new entry if the trend holds.Post charts later.

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