On Semi-Permanent Hiatus

First, my apologies.  I made this decision months ago.  It took me two months to fully accept that I had to do this.  Once I made the decision, it was two months of sloth before I found the energy to write this post.  Then, it was a few more months before I actually posted it.  I should have posted this article at the beginning of November but I was overcome by a lack of motivation, which isn’t fair to those who have read this blog over the past four years.  And to you, I apologize.  It was unprofessional of me.

Running of the Bulls is on official semi-permanent hiatus.  I am no longer regularly blogging, which should be blatantly obvious.  I may occasionally post an item on economics, I intend to keep up with my book log – which is on the right – and I may do the occasional “myth-busting” and clarifying misperceptions like they do over on snopes.com. But apart from one or two items in the hopper, I will no longer be commenting on markets and investments.  I may revive Running of the Bulls in the future, but for now, I am in hibernation.

I regret halting publication.  I have enjoyed blogging.  And though this blog never garnered a vast readership (it was the best readership – ed.), it was fun adding my voice to cacophony of financial commentary.

So why am I stopping?  Simply put, I believe it is in the best interest of my employer.  Given my current duties, I believe it is the correct decision for all involved in my professional life.  This is a decision I have reached on my own with no input from anyone else.

Running of the Bulls has primarily been a forum for my own opinions.  I have gone out of my way to avoid giving specific investment advice. An investment program should be constructed around each individual’s unique risk/reward parameters, and my risk/reward parameters are most certainly different than most others.

However, I am going to deviate from this a bit.  I have written an article below giving advice on how to navigate the market.  Read it at your own peril. 

I have also written an article about how I see the future, which I will post soon.  I give zero credence to prognostications.  I suggest you do so too.

Finally, I would like to thank readers and active participants of Running of the Bulls.  It is a cliché but it is true – it is you who made this worthwhile.

I am going to turn off the comments section in the coming days.  I thoroughly enjoy comments from the readers, but this blog will get spammed to death if I do not.  And spammers annoy the hell out of me.

I want to restart Running of the Bulls when circumstances permit.  And I would like to stop blogging anonymously when I do.  I am no one special, but I think putting a name adds more credibility to the words.

Until that time, take care and Godspeed.  I wish you all the best in life and investing.  I hope you make a fortune.


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