One-X compensation provides YOU with realistic earnings…

I was recently contacted about a new network marketing programme known as One-X. My experience with network marketing has never been that positive so I didn’t expect to be that interested.

However, I’d kick myself if something came to my attention and I ignored it because of past prejudice. So, I decided to investigate some more to see what it is all about.

As it turns out my total scepticism has been tempered to the extent that I am going to participate. I’ll describe some of the key features here and also point you to some teleseminar links that will go into more detail.

The main points are:

  1. A one time $5 payment can get you started
  2. You can use commissions from those you sponsor to secure higher levels in the matrix
  3. Your first level is only 4 members
  4. Spillover is highly likely
  5. You can Pay it Forward to help others in
  6. Matching bonuses are available
  7. Registration will also be sufficient for the payment processor
  8. The program is not open yet, there will be 24 hours notice when joining will be active
  9. This is not a gifting program, you purchase educational programs at each tier level

As far as potential earnings go I’ll refer you to the compensation teleseminar that is here. This will go through in detail how the whole thing works. Note that you may need to watch this more than once as there is a lot to take in.

Aside from the compensation plan there is also a teleseminar that explains more about how the program works and how the timeline works.

As it says above you cannot join yet, so if you want to learn more you will need to let me know and I will keep you informed of what is happening. Just drop your details to (replace _at_ with @).

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