Phoenix Forex Code from honest johns…

No doubt like myself if you are interested in online investments you will probably have paid some attention to forex trading. In my last post I showcased the work being done by Brian Campbell in providing a free training resource.

But of course Brian is not the only one out there, the problem is finding trustworthy sources and this is never more true when it comes to the area of forex robots (otherwise known as Expert Advisors (EA’s)).

The allure of these is seductive as it means you can load up the EA, walk away and come back later to collect the profit. At least that’s the theory. In practice of course it’s a whole lot harder and many scammers capitalise on this.

But I’m not going to focus on the bad today, rather recommend a couple of people who genuinely try to help their supporters. Long story short they have tested a bunch of EA’s and whilst some appear to work reasonably well they have decided to develop their own and I think it is worth looking at if automatic forex trading is of interest.

Steve and Dan have developed the Phoenix Forex Code EA and are currently marketing 100 copies. Their aim is to sell a maximum of 500 so this should provide some reassurance that the market won’t be swamped and you receive a ton of emails from affiliates pushing this latest forex miracle.

I do have to say that Steve is no web designer and his site is pretty basic but that shouldn’t put you off. The product is the important thing and that’s what you should focus on.

Phoenix Forex Code sells for $127 so compares well with other EA’s. They are keen to maintain security so you will need to obtain activation codes before you are able to use it properly but I don’t believe this is a bad thing.

I’m testing Phoenix Forex Code on a demo account at the moment and as it only trades one currency pair and the default settings look reasonable it shouldn’t cause me too many anxious moments. Probably won’t make me a millionaire anytime soon but with sensible compounding I’m hoping it will prove profitable.

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