PTV Partner come clean (or dirty perhaps)…

So, now we know PTV Partner has made it clear that they cannot survive and they will close up immediately. When I first read the start of the latest update I knew almost immediately what would follow. It seems that recently each program admin has adopted the same approach…we tried…we failed…we’ll try and pay back to those who are not in profit!

Personally I can’t moan too much as I did receive a good return on my original investment so I’ve done okay. I’m disappointed that it won’t continue as the plans provided a good return and could have formed part of a stable rising income in the future. But that is not to be.

I do feel sympathy for two groups, firstly those people who invested additional funds into the gold project. I’m not sure that they will get their money back, hopefully they will but my head says they may be disappointed. Secondly I think that the chat room moderators have not been treated that well. From the conversations I was involved with I do believe that they had the interest of the members at heart and they have now also been let down.

If PTV every returns then clearly it won’t be the same animal and it is unlikely that it could survive in that form anyway.

If you are a member and you made a profit then the best thing would be to give thanks for that and move on. If you are one of those who are still to make a profit then I hope that you will be recompensed as promised, again best to move on and not take this disappointment too much to heart. Use what you’ve learnt to colour your decision the next time you invest.

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