PTV Partner expose the fallacy of OPM…

In the world of online investing there are several well worn mantras that are repeated endlessly. Examples include ‘never invest more than you can afford to lose’ and ‘diversify investments to spread the risk’. All good advice.

Also repeated often is ‘recoup your investment as quickly as possible and then relax as you are using Other Peoples Money (OPM)’. So the theory is that once you have withdrawn your original investment you can become emotionally detached from the programme as you are no longer risking your own money. Fine in theory but I’m convinced that practice is completely different.

PTV Partner is a shining example of what I mean. Now I don’t have the official statistics but I’d bet money on it that most (and I’m not saying all) investors with PTV have already withdrawn their original investment. So the theory would then go that whatever happens to the programme we won’t get too hung up and give them time to sort things out.

I bet if you ask the admin Garrett whether this is how things are currently playing out he’d come back with some pretty harsh realities.

Instead of becoming emotionally detached from this OPM a lot of investors are crying out THIS IS MY MONEY AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!

In a recent newsletter Garrett bemoaned the fact that there are an unprecedented level of withdrawals currently in the system and they are struggling to cope with fulfilling them. In effect there is a virtual run on the bank.

To say that I am disappointed in this behaviour would be an understatement. PTV have treated its members much more fairly than pretty much any other investment I know of and yet they still get turned upon.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t understand all the ins and outs of the current problems that PTV are suffering from and I’m not able to guarantee that this won’t cripple the programme but at least I’m prepared to give Garrett and his team a fighting chance to sort things out.

At times like this Garrett will find out who his true friends are…will you be one of them? I know I will.

I do accept that Garrett has made mistakes, his latest newsletter announces a short term opportunity for those willing to invest $2,000. To me that was a serious PR mistake as this tactic has been used by other programmes that were close to collapse in a vain attempt to prolong things just a bit longer. Is this what PTV are also trying to do? I hope not but only time will tell.

My original investment was around $800 and I have recouped that and more so I truly am using OPM. Hopefully the programme will survive and I can continue to do so. If you are in a similar situation then I’d ask you to do the same.

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