PTV Partner have a key few days ahead of them…

Anyone who has been following the fortunes of PTV Partner will be keen to see how things turn out in this coming week.

In their last newsletter they made the assertion that all pending payments would be up to date by cob Tuesday 27 April. This will be a key barometer of just how well the company has overcome the recent challenges they have been facing.

Assuming that this target is achieved the next key objective will be the plan to take the programme private. The aim is that this will be completed in the next two weeks.

All investors who want to participate in this next chapter will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This approach seems to be one that is being adopted by several online investment opportunities. Hopefully this will provide greater security and accountability going forward.

Once the programme has gone private only existing members will be able to invite new ones in to the programme. This will provide an element of validation and ensure that if problems arise there will be a direct route to sort things out.

The other big change to the programme is that going forward the only plan available will be the Prestige one that pays 190% after 40 days. This means that any new deposit will be a minimum of $200.

I’m confident that PTV Partner will overcome these latest problems and look forward to a long and prosperous association going forward.

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