Question as to whether SportArbs are paying…

I had a recent comment suggesting that SportArbs have not been that prompt with payments lately. What’s your experience?

Personally I haven’t been in a position to find out lately. As the last investment with SportArbs matured I couldn’t make a withdrawal because the Global Digital Pay website wasn’t available.

Whilst this was somewhat frustrating I wasn’t necessarily concerned as SportArbs did at least make the money available for payment. I decided to re-invest and won’t make a withdrawal for another four weeks or so.

Whatever my situation I am somewhat concerned that other people appear to be having problems. SportArbs was an investment that I picked up on relativey early in its lifespan so feel somewhat responsible when recommending to others.

I’d appreciate feedback from other members in relation to whether or not you have been able to make successful withdrawals especially recently.

SportArbs are not that communicative with respect to updates so I’d rather get direct feedback before pursuing any other enquiry with SortArbs.

The most recent update suggested that withdrawals would be available via a debit card but I haven’t seen any further updates on this so there may be some relationship to this in regard to reported problems.

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