Rapid Forex about to start 90 day live trading training…

Brian Campbell is a man who seems to have a good lifestyle. As a Forex trader he recently set off on a world trip determined to show that he could still trade wherever he ends up.

Well at least that was the idea…it seems that Hawaii has persuaded him to stop off for a while so he is putting down some shallow roots for the time being.

So what I hear you ask. Well Brian is someone who feels that what he does can be learnt by others and he has embarked on an ambitious programme to help people learn the art of forex trading at his site RapidForex.

He began by creating a 20 part course that takes people through some of the basics of forex trading and ending up with a good overview of what forex trading is all about.

Recently he has produced a series of short videos to accompany the course.

Next, he plans to undertake a 90 day period of live trading where students can join in and learn first hand just how to trade the way that Brian does.

If you have ever considered forex trading as a way of earning additional income you could well consider enrolling with Brian to see if this is something you would be interested in doing.

Don’t hang about because the 90 day programme will start shortly…

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