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It's been a while since I've made a referral post so I thought it was about time I rectified that. This time there is something of a time-sensitive nature about this as the programme I am putting forward today is another Reverse Pension Plan (RPP).

This time I'm suggesting you consider HCI25 as it is quickly reaching the maximum number of sign-ups needed. For this particular programme the advisers have stated that a maximum of 27,000 policies will be issued. Unlike other RPP opportunities HCI25 allows investors to purchase a maximum of 3 policies per member. So, if everyone who applied purchased 3 then the maximum number of members would be 9,000.

In practice it appears that not everyone is funding 3 policies so the total number of members will be greater than 9,000. Now this is important because the signs are there that membership is filling up quickly so you will need to act quickly if you wish to take part.

The cost of each policy is $45 (so maximum of $135 if 3 policies purchased). For each $45 you will receive $78,000 in return. The anticipation is that the funds will be released some 6 to 8 weeks after the 27,000 beneficiary places have been filled. I should mention that this opportunity is not available to citizens of Switzerland, Germany or Italy.

The other way in which HCI25 can benefit you is with referral payments. So, for each referral you introduce you will receive $3,500, so again well worth following up on.

Like other RPP plans there is an age limit for people to be eligible to receive payouts. For HCI25 this is 70 years of age, so if we assume that it takes another six months to finalise everything you should not be older than sixty nine and a half at the moment.

It has taken me some time to decide to take part in this programme as whilst I have publicised other RPP's in the past I didn't want to expose myself too much in one area. My mind changed when I read a recommendation from someone whose advice I value and who made a strong recommendation for HCI25.

If you wish to sign up under my referral I will share 40% of the referral payment with you as an incentive. To receive this please enter fieldsofgold as the reference/referral on the sign-up form. As I mentioned this one seems to be gaining momentum so please take the time to study all the information on the site and if it appeals to you then I'd recommend signing up sooner rather than later.

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