Referral Post 010 - An amalgam of money-making ideas

I've just heard about a new amalgam of ideas that has the potential for a good income opportunity. Some of you may remember an online programme that was called YMMSS and was around a while back. It was fairly successful but eventually ran out of steam and closed down. It seems that whilst the basic premise was sound the execution eventually failed.

This new opportunity, gibline takes the good parts of YMMSS and combines it with the latest web 2.0 technology to create both a social and business networking environment and a way to earn a good revenue stream.

I'm impressed with the gibline website as it is very well designed and easy to navigate. If you choose to join you can become a reseller of many web related items such as web hosting, domain names, email solutions and shopping carts etc. It still surprises me that whilst a lot of people and businesses have ready access to the internet there are still vast numbers of each that have yet to take on the technology so there is still plenty of opportunity out there.

Along with the reseller side there is opportunity to market and resale your own business offering together with a simple matrix system that has the potential for good earnings. If you join at the Pro level ($150 every quarter) you have an instant advantage as you 'own' what are called pods (3 for your money). As they advance through the system you can move through the various levels of remuneration and the system will help you by adding additional pods at various stages.

There is also a Standard membership available for $50 a quarter and as you might imagine this requires slightly more work on your behalf as you would need to sponsor 2 others before you can take advantage of the income opportunity available at the Pro level.

The gibline website is currently in pre-release so now would be a good time to explore what is on offer. As I've mentioned this is a well produced site and looks to have a lot of potential.
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