Secret Betting Club does all the hard work…

How would you feel about spending a whole year testing betting advisory services and systems? Each day would involve a detailed analysis of all the results from the systems you are testing.

Now, to be honest you’d have to be pretty dedicated to do something like that. Especially as you’d have to shell out a fair wedge of money to buy the systems in the first place.

The whole premise behind this scheme (apart from personal gain) is to find honest, profitable systems that have the potential for a long term profit.

I’m not sure I’d have the dedication to do the analysis so I’m glad someone else has done it. Actually, two other people, Mike Bishop and Dan Jones.

Having done all the hard work they’ve set up the Secret Betting Club so others can get the inside track on trustworthy systems.

Of course, the opposite to trustworthy systems are rip-offs that we’ve all suffered from. And Mike and Dan are no exception. This translates into a genuine desire to expose all of the profit draining scams that appear almost on a daily basis.

Secret Betting Club publish a monthly newsletter which over delivers in terms of the information it provides. You get an analysis of the systems that are being used and told which products and services to avoid. Their aim is to give the knowledge and recommendations that will provide between £50 and £100 a day.

The service is currently on offer for £69 (a £30 saving on the normal fee) for a full twelve months. This is a real service that is on the side of the punter and if you decide to join I’m sure you will find true value.

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