Seriously – This Is NOTHING to Smile about Media

By Chuck Butler, Editor
Currency Capitalist

Normally, the first Friday of a month is Jobs Jamboree Friday, but most government workers are still on holiday today so the Jobs report won't print until next Friday.

But we did see the initial numbers. The Weekly Initial Jobless Claims dipped below 500,000 last week to 492,000. Personally, I believe that dip had more to do with the holidays and offices being closed than any reversal of the job loss trend.

But you know the mass media – they couldn’t wait to report on this “upbeat” jobs report to make U.S. consumers feel good about spending.

They were smiling like Cheshire Cats, as if losing 492.000 jobs was something to smile about! UGH! These media types, I tell you: Either they’re completely brainwashed, or they must go home and vomit every night! 

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