Shared Ownership Rent Rises Fast

Many Public Sector workers in shared ownership schemes are finding their rent increasing at way over the rate of salary increases. Considering these workers were told they’d benefit from these shared ownership deals, I find this deeply concerning. Workers are being paid by the government and involved in a governement funded scheme but the two don’t balance.

John Rouse of the Housing Corporation says “One of the things we’re extremely proud of is that of the 22 000 key workers we’ve helped over the last seven years, we’ve only ever had seven repossessions.”

Well, John, just because these people are managing to scrape enough cash together to avoid repossession, it does not mean they aren’t being fleeced. It woul dbe interesting to see how many of these 22,000 people do not have worrying levels of unsecured debt. Obvously I’m speculating now but, even so, I bet Mr Rouse wouldn’t be proud of that figure…

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