So, that was 2010 then…

I must admit I had great hopes for 2010 as I felt that we would at last see some positive returns from at least one of the plans scheduled to pay out. Well, as we all know nothing actually happened and it left people hugely frustrated and demoralised.

In the latter part of the year the bad news was compounded by the demise of both WBwso and CherryShares. These are just more examples of people putting their trust in so called ‘honest’ Admins that turn out to be unjustified.

If anyone needs further proof that online investing is not an arena for honesty and openness then perhaps they really need to look very closely at their ability to make sound judgements based on evidence.

So, we have to take personal responsibility for investing funds where we retain control rather than passing it to invisible conmen.

Personally I am being far more cautious and will probably end up with no more than two or three investments to look after. I will no longer hand over money to others no matter how legitimate or alluring the opportunity may appear.

Let me wish all readers a very Happy New Year. Just to note that I am closing off comments on some posts as I believe there is no further value in going over old wounds. Let’s move on and ‘Let’s be careful out there!’

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