Some Of My Scattered Notes On Pro-bono Consulting Via Taproot Foundation

For those interested in nonprofit and pro-bono consulting, I have started to dip my toes in with the Taproot Foundation to do a greater good for the community. The economy is tough, and I should put myself to good use. Have not started any projects yet, but I am going through director training. I have some scattered thoughts and notes here and here, and these thoughts and perspectives are mainly in the context of a person who has spent most time in commercial consulting.

As a digression, I encourage those that follow this blog to do so via email subscription or RSS feed. The updates on this blog are somewhat infrequent, primarily because I try to include limited scope & more substantive information here pertaining to management, consulting, and leadership. 

If you want more frequent information on a broader range of business topics, you can consider seeing my teaching thoughts and multimedia exhibits for my marketing course at my marketing posterous site. If you'd like to view diverse links (sometimes 1-6 per day) on business, social media, entrepreneurship, consulting, and random interests, you can see my Twitter page or look at the rolling list on the homepage of my main blog.

I plan to have two upcoming posts that I have not really seen discussed elsewhere, one on ethics in consulting and one on something to the effect of what an entrepreneur and an MBA taught one another. Either the links or complete postings for those will be provided on this blog.

Thanks for your readership!


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