Sportarbs between a rock and a hard place?…

I recently checked my account at Sportarbs and see that they are still unable to process withdrawals. They conducted a member survey where they offered two options to help sort out the problems they are facing.

Now, it is easy to rain down complaints about the situation as payments are unlikely to happen in the near future. And yet I find myself having some sympathy with their situation.

They claim that a lot of their problems have been caused by problems with a payment processor. If this was the first case of this sort of thing happening I might think it was just an excuse to delay payments. But those of us who have been in this area for some time will know that this is not the first case where payment processors have supposedly taken action by themselves to freeze funds with little or no justification.

Whilst I don’t want to delve too deeply in this post about the legal standings regarding these matters it does seem to me that it happens too often for it to be a coincidence. I’m yet to be convinced of the arguments put forward that freezes are imposed to protect the consumer.

What this means for Sportarbs that most members have little option but to re-invest any earnings for another session of 42 days until some resolution is reached.

Let’s hope it’s not too long in coming.

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