SportArbs continue to freeze out payments to members…

It seems that SportArbs is refusing any withdrawal requests from members until they are able to provide debit cards. This situation has been going on for several months and there is little news on when a resolution will be reached.

As with other investments the lack of timely and clear communication not only frustrates members but supports the belief that SportArbs are not that serious in providing a good service to their membership.

The frustration of course is that the business model is relatively robust and does offer a way to achieve good returns at relatively small risk.

Personally I am very disappointed and will be removing the banner at the top of the site as I don’t want anyone to join if the company are not fulfilling basic customer service.

It is increasingly frustrating when things like this happen as I try to recommend programmes that I believe have a better than even chance of succeeding.

I will keep an eye on how things are going at SportArbs and assuming there is positive news I will let readers know.

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