Start Options give better odds and broaden their offering…

As trading develops the companies involved are constantly looking for ways to attract new clients. One way to do this is to make the process as quick and as simple as possible. This can be achieved with Binary Trading. The idea is simple, rather than trying to predict the movement of a market over an extended period why not predict over a fixed time frame as short as 0ne hour. This satisfies our need for instant gratification and assuming we get it right there’s a financial reward at the end of it.

Several companies have recently started, one of which StartOptions has continued to develop not only the percentage payout but also the type of trades as well.

If you are just starting out or want to learn more about what binary trading is then you’ll be interested to see that the payment percentage has now increased in some cases to an 81% premium. This is not only good news in having an increased amount of money but also improves the risk/reward ratio. Trading is really very simple at StartOptions:

  1. Pick an instrument to trade e.g. a currency pair or a market index
  2. Decide if it will end up higher or lower in the next hour
  3. Place the amount you wish to trade
  4. Wait for the trade to expire
  5. Pick up the profit (there is of course a chance you could lose so bear this in mind)
  6. Repeat

So you see you have a simple no-fuss way to trade and profit.

For those who are more serious investors StartOptions have recently introduced Barrier Range trading where the potential profit can be 300% of your investment. You will need to wager at least $250 per trade so this will not appeal to everyone.

The range of investments is continuing to expand in this area so if you think you can predict how the markets will move then why not take a look. Don’t forget there is a risk of loss so make sure you have a robust trading plan set up to cope with the peaks and troughs you’ll encounter (hopefully more peaks than troughs).

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