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100 Best Blogs for MBA Students

Kelly points me to a list of blogs for MBAs. There's a mixture of new ones and older ones in the list (looks like this blog just made it on the page at #100). I'll have to check out the list (and add a few to my newsreader) as my involvement with various business school communities has been increasing as of late.

Leadership Is Innate (Part 2?)

Three years ago I wrote a post entitled "Leadership Is An Innate Skill?". In that post, I essentially avoided the core topic (because I didn't have an opinion), but I made some anecdotal points about  how one could foster one's leadership style (which I thought was a more important point).

Anecdotes on Consulting Versus Interim Management

Whether to use consultants versus interim managers can be a bit of a loaded topic, and I'll choose not to address every angle in one post. Here I will just scratch the surface and paint some color by relating some anecdotal experiences. Depending on interest level, I may follow-up this post with additional discussion at a broader level.

To set the context, here's a couple of working definitions that I'll offer up:

Freelance Consulting

After March 3, I plan to leave my current gig to pursue freelance consulting for awhile, along with a number of colleagues. The exact vehicles and logistics are still in the formative phase - fortunately the administrative logistics for consulting businesses are not too arduous.

Twitter Me This

Background: Management strategy consulting professional David Dalka, Florian Hollender, and other management consultants are using Twitter.

Some Tips On Dressing As A Consultant

Florian Hollender at the Killer Consultant blog has some good Consulting 101 tips on how to shop for clothes when starting as a new consultant. I've never really commented on dress considerations publicly, but I'll add just one recommendation on dress based on personal experience:

Good Find and Thoughts on Management Consulting and Recruiting in 2009

Gautam Ghosh has both a good find and interesting comments on management consulting recruiting in the current environment. A few themes permeate his post: 1)laser-specific recruiting, 2) hybrid experience, and 3) focus on productivity. I can't really comment on #1, but as for #2, I have known a number of ex-consultants return to their prior consulting firms after having left once for operating companies (in some cases, the returns have been even more numerous than once).

Quick Graph on Triangulation Concept

Awhile back I had a post on triangulation, and although I had received a number of questions on how this might be depicted, I never got around to showing it. The attached picture below is pretty good and is motivated by an engagement involving wireless spectrum valuation. The basic idea is that we used three methods to get the range of potential dollar values for each wireless spectrum property. The chart below is the summary chart that ties the results of separate analyses together.

Thoughts on Living in a Company Filing for Chapter 11 Creditor Protection

Disclosure: In early March, members of my team and I will most likely be casualties of the economic downturn and inferred strategic changes by our employer, Nortel. This post reflects my perspectives only and not necessarily those of my employer and colleagues.

Some Additional Links and Resources on Management Consulting

Dr. Robert Lahm, Jr. (Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship with Western Carolina University) looks like he may have organized some links and resources on consulting here. There are a number of blogs listed along the right hand side of his web page, a number of which I have never covered on this blog before.