Stocks of Interest

AGU (Agrium Inc.) Closing strong on good volume above a prior consolidation.
BGG (Briggs & Stratton Corp) Closing strong on “decent” volume,above previous consolidation.(Looks like some shorts are getting squeezed on this one.
TEX (Terex Corp) Strong close,volume close to average daily,but not above.Also closed above prior consolidation.

Just a few stocks to watch in the next few days,these are not intended to be recommendations.Although you could probably apply some basic swing trading principles to them with very tight stops.I’ll be looking for intraday trading opportunities in these.I may add to this list as I scan the market later on.The Dow jones industrial($DJI) or ($INDU),is looking strong here and approaching highs where we will either find a test of prior highs,breakout,or fail.Not predicting anything here just my observations and the potential scenarios.The average closed today at 12,720.46.

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