Streetwise Bulletin signup now available…

Just in case you missed the comment on the last post I’ve been contacted by the editor of the Streetwise Bulletin to say that they have now created a signup page for readers.

In fact I was contacted very soon after the post went live so I have a sneaking feeling that the folks at Streetwise keep a close eye on what appears on the internet about them.

And this is never a bad thing. If you have a website or other online presence it’s advisable to monitor what appears about you online. Then, if action is needed to respond you’ll be able to react quickly.

Personally I was impressed by the way Streetwise responded to my post and it shows that the more we communicate quickly and widely the better impression we make.

Just as a taster yesterday’s bulletin showcased a new type of dating site where people’s musical tastes are used to find matches. The suggestion made is to look at whether there are other types of interests that could be used to bring couples together. Again just a way to look at things slightly differently and how they may be used in business.

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