Streetwise come up short on being Street Smart…

Many opportunity seekers in the UK will no doubt come across at one time or another Streetwise Publications. They are the kind of company you either love or hate…there never seems much middle ground with them.

Once you are on their mailing list you can be sure that a regular supply of the business opportunities will be presented to you.

Now this post is not about the myriad opportunities they promote. In fact, it’s about a new newsletter that they have started to send out. It’s a daily email newsletter that started a couple of months or so ago.

When I first received it I didn’t take too much notice of it as I thought it would be full of the latest Streetwise marketing effort.

Then, about a month ago I decided to read one and was actually pleasantly surprised. What they provide contains some very useful ideas. One of the things they comment on are new services, products or trends that appear and rather than just try to sell this as an opportunity in its own right they ask whether what the reader currently does or offers could use this new twist they’ve found.

As I read a few I was warming to the format and believe it offers something of value. I should admit however that now and again they do feature one of their products but I’m not against this as generally the rest of the content is good.

So, I thought that you, the reader might find this newsletter of interest as well and went in search of the link to subscribe. That’s when the problem arose. I couldn’t find one. It seems that they haven’t provide a facility for a casual reader to sign up, or at least if they have I can’t find one.

They do provide a ‘Tell a Friend’ feature but that is impractical for readers of this blog.

What I will do is write to them and tell them about this post and see if they can let me know how people can sign up.

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