Team Themco closes in 4 days 5 hours 35 minutes 31 seconds and counting…

Okay, now really is the time to act as the deadline at Team Themco is fast approaching. I know myself that paying out funds yet again to another online investment may seem a bad idea and no-one would blame you for passing on this.

But wait. Just think about the risk and reward here. If you are not already an active member (or even a member) you can only buy one policy as the chance to invest in more has passed.

So, for $90, which to be honest is little more than a reasonable meal for two, you have the potential for a return of $90,000. Wouldn’t it be worth just missing one meal out for such a return?

If things don’t work out the worst that’s happened is you’ve missed a night out. If it does work nights out could become the norm.

It’s acknowledged that Team Themco are trying to make this work and because they are keeping members updated with progress there’s a good chance that it will.

Getting a guarantee of payout would be great but realistically that’s not going to happen. Yes, there is a risk but to be honest what’s life without a risk or two.

You only have until Wednesday 07 July to become a member or to activate your previous membership. I’d suggest that AlertPay will be the quickest way to pay so don’t delay.

It really would be a shame if you missed out and if it works you’ll be in a great position for any future ones that Team Themco are planning.

Yes, there is only 4 days, 5 hours 24 minutes and 8 seconds to go…and counting!

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