Team Themco need your birth date…

If yu haven’t checked the Team Themco website lately then I’d encourage you to head over there as soon as you can if you are a member. They need you to provide your birth date so that they can use it in the next stage of the plan.

Actually it’s also important to make sure you have a policy registered before the cut off date of Wednesday 07 July. If you haven’t paid for a policy then you will not be able to proceed.

At the moment there is an oportunity for non-members to join so if this sounds of interest to you then please send an email to (replace _at_ with @) and I’ll be in touch.

Each policy requires a $90 investment and the reward is $36,000 per policy. In this first venture you can purchase a maximum of 4 policies but they do say that further programmes will follow so it is worth getting in now to prosper in the future.

Originally over 20,000 people registered and as often happens in programmes like this the number who follow through drops quite dramatically which means opportinities for others.

Whilst no-one guarantee that a programme like Team Themco will end successfully the membership are being kept informed on a regular basis which is a lot better than other programmes manage.

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