Team Themco news includes audio interview with owner…

I made a post about Team Themco a few days ago just reminding members that the cut-off date for making an investment at least for 1 level is fast approaching. The key date is Monday 07 June. If you haven’t made at least one payment of $90 you will lose out.

As this post is published you have just over 9 days left to make an investment. Note that when you sign in to your back office that there is a handy countdown timer there so you should have no excuse for not knowing when the time is up.

If you haven’t already made an investment you may still be uncertain of whether payment will happen or not. Whilst there are written updates in the back office this may still not be enough to persuade you that this is genuine.

Well now there is another way to find out what the opportunity is all about and the man leading it. In the news section an audio interview with Terry Gilder has been uploaded. There is nearly an hours worth of Terry speaking about Liberator.

Have you ever wondered what Terry’s background is, what his experience is with other online investments, if he has the knowledge and experience to run a venture such as Liberator and whether he is genuine about future plans? Answers to all these questions and more can be found in the interview.

If you are a member and you haven’t yet listened to this call then I would urge you to do so as for me it was an honest and frank appraisal of the history and future plans for Team Themco.

As this is a holiday weekend please spend some of your time off listening to the call and making up your mind as to whether you should make an investment or not.

Don’t forget there are just over 9 days left to invest, as the saying goes “if you snooze, you lose”…

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