Team Themco now getting down to serious business…

Well the 7th of July is now well and truly behind us and Team Themco have achieved their target of 12,000 active members i.e. members who have paid for at least one spot in the programme.

The email that was sent out just after the closure makes it clear that now is the time for the work to start behind the scenes to make sure everything progresses to conclusion.

Having reached the necessary funding level the Insurance Company and Hedge Fund can continue with their work over the next few months.

Given the fairly hectic activity over the last few weeks it is possible that some dishonest people will have tried to beat the validation system. To thwart this Team Themco will be undertaking a full account audit in the coming weeks so there is still likely to be some changes in final numbers until everything is checked.

If you managed to become active before the deadline make sure that you check into the back office regularly as news will be posted there.

It’s probable that things will go fairly quiet for a while but from what I can tell they have kept to their objectives so far. If things move along as hoped payments should be appearing in the latter part of the year.

If you weren’t able to participate this time then you may well have a chance if they carry out their intent to run a Liberator 2 programme once this first one successfully pays out. You will have to be very quick though.

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