Team Themco requesting payments…

In what seems a change from the norm Team Themco are continuing to regularly communicate with the membership. When you login and check the news you can see the progress they are making on the various strands of this particular investment opportunity.

Yesterday they emailed all members as they were keen to notify everyone that if you wish to remain in Liberator Phase 1 you need to have at least invested in level 1 by June 7th or you will be transferred to the Liberator 2 phase.

Payment can be made via AlertPay, StrictPay or Bank wire.

Whilst this may seem to give you plenty of time it always worth getting things underway sooner rather than later as unexpected problems could mean that you struggle to get a payment made in time.

Even though Team Themco are issuing an email to everyone it does seem that there are at least 1,000 addresses that are bouncing so if you haven’t received an email from Team Themco in the last day or so you need to contact your upline for advice and guidance.

It does seem as though Team Themco are keeping things as transparent as they can so people can’t complain that they are being kept in the dark about what is happening, who is doing it and when it’s due by.

I’m sure there will be hiccups along the way but at least there is some information being provided which is a big leap in trust from other investments I could mention. And of course this begs the question if Team Themco can do it why can’t (don’t) others?

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