The Freedom Phase can earn YOU residual income in AutoXTen…

There are now more details emerging of what AutoXTen are calling the FREEDOM Phase. This phase has been intoduced to provide the potential for residual income (that is a regular monthly income for all active members).

So, apart from a significant fixed sum it is now possible to achieve a regular monthly income. A member is entered into the Freedom phase when $20 is debited from Tier 3 on Phase 1. So you will be paid $1 for every member you have on levels 1 to 10 of your personal team. There is also a matching bonus of 20% on the TEAM earnings (not just your personals) up to 4 levels deep.

The Freedom phase is separate from Phases 1 and 2. Your earnings are based on the amount of members you have in levels 1-10.

Again, I would not normally trumpet a scheme such as AutoXTen unless they could show they were authentic and had the interests of their members in mind which I believe they have.

Given that you can still join for free I’d highly recommend you sign up here. You can then investigate for yourself whether or not you think this is the real thing or not. Don’t forget once the program is opened you can join for just $10…it must be worth a look at least.

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