The Master Plan for long term profits…

I know everyone that visits this blog is looking for ways to create additional income or, in some cases, provide an income as they’ve lost a job perhaps.

What I try to do is provide some recommendations where you can then do your own research to see if it is suitable for your circumstances.

The latest offering I’m recommending is The Master Plan. This is a service for people who are able to open and fund a Betfair account. For those who don’t know what Betfair is it is a website where individuals can wager against each other rather than using a bookmaker. In some countries such as the USA it is not possible to become a member so please bear this in mind when reading the remainder of this post.

The Master Plan is a UK horse racing service that uses an automatic trading bot to do all the hard work. The ethos behind the service is one of steady growth and maximum use of compounding. They recommend a minimum starting bank of £500. Currently you can get a nine day trial of the service for £1, after this it will be £99 every 30 days (they seem to favour Paypal for payments).

So, not something that either will appeal to all or be affordable to all. In a way I think this is deliberate as the owners are passionate about providing an excellent service.

Another way they will achieve this is by limiting the number of members to 200 and from the information I’ve seen they have every intention of sticking to this number.

If The Master Plan sounds of interest you’ll be delighted to know that it requires a very small amount of time each day to operate. Every evening you’ll receive an email with the next days selections contained in a zip file. All you need to do is upload the file, check the settings are correct and click start. You can then leave the bot to run on your behalf.

One thing that is clear is that members get very clear instructions on how to set things up and from my own experience it is well worth watching them as some of the default settings on the bot did need to be changed.

Note that this is a long term service and some losses are to be expected but the aim is to provide profits that will easily dwarf potential losses.

As far as I can tell there is no affiliate offering so I’m not recommending this service because I’ll make money out of it. I’m a new user myself and am looking forward to seeing how well this works.

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