The Next “Crisis Savvy” Currency to Own Through this Market Massacre

By Chuck Butler

Hidden conspiracies, liquidity-starved central banks, another bailout for Fannie Mae, and now even American Express wants a piece of that US$700 billion bailout (hence their new “banking” status)…

Shoot, I know I’m ready for a little good news. How about you?

Well, that’s the nice thing about trading currencies. There’s always a profit story hiding somewhere, even in a disastrous market like this. Yesterday, I gave you the low-down on one my favorite currencies to own ahead of the market recovery: The Norwegian krone.

Today, I want to tell you about another currency that’s in a solid position to profit from this market crisis: The Swiss franc.

The Swiss economy has been stealth-like in its ability to grow even in the face of a global recession, albeit slow growth is better than no growth! And with the Swiss National Bank lowering interest rates in the coordinated round of global rate cuts, stronger growth should be restored in 2009.

Switzerland has always been perceived as a "safe haven currency" in times of geo-political difficulties, and tensions. With all the geo-political problems in the world today, I have to believe the Swiss franc will be an excellent investment choice going forward.

Once the U.S. led credit squeeze is unlocked, fundamentals will return to the markets' focus, and Swiss franc should be ready to move forward.

With inflation running higher than the Swiss National Bank's ceiling of 2%, at 3.1%, it’s easy to see they’re involved in the global effort to unlock the credit markets. Therefore, once the credit markets return to normal, interest rates will rise once again, look for the Swiss franc to jump back to the head of the class.

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