The Official Guy Kawasaki Father’s Day Gift List

A good Father’s Day gift embodies two qualities: insight into the male psyche and the appearance of a careful decision. Cost is hardly a factor at all. Because you only have six days left to shop, here’s a list of ten items for most modern dads.

Anker USB charger. Wall or desktop $25.99. A dad’s credo is ABC: always be charging. These multi-port wall chargers enable dad to take care of his phone, tablet, and camera. You might want to buy him two for family vacations when all the other members of the family need a way to charge their devices too.

Lumsing High Capacity 10,400 mAh battery. $19.99. Even if you bought your dad an Anker charger, he may need some juice during the day, and this is the mother of all batteries. Right now it’s $20. I bought another one when getting its Amazon link. Dad should just charge it and put it in the bottom of his bag or in his car’s glove compartment.

Newer Digital Grey Card Set.  $8.30. Is there anything worse than a digital photo with poor color balance? If dad would simply take a picture of this card to make white-balance editing, all his photos would be better. He might never go through this trouble, but at least he’ll know that his color balance could be better.

Gordy camera strap.  $18. Unloved dads have cameras with straps that came from the camera manufacturer. Loved dads have a strap like the the ones made by Gordy. There’s nothing like a little leather to offset all the digitalness of today’s cameras.

Seagate 2 terabyte USB 3.0 portable external drive.  $88. At some point every dad loses his laptop or experiences a catastrophic data loss. If you give him this drive and convince him to back up his laptop, I guarantee that you’ll get the bulk of his estate.

Epic Pickles.  $8. I found out about these pickles when I did an unboxing video for FedEx . Holy kaw, they are great. He’ll be astounded about how much a pickle can change one’s outlook on life.

Spyderco dog-tag knife.   $73.60. This knife is so cool that dad might enjoy recycling the cardboard boxes all the other gifts come in. Come on, I mean a knife that looks like dog tags? Caution, though, I don’t know if this will get past TSA.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.  $8.99 Kindle, $10/.16 paperback. Everyone who has to influence anyone should read this book. (You might want to read it before you give it to dad.) Few books have influenced (no pun intended) me as much as this one.

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.  $8.99 Kindle, $14.69 hardcover, $9.54 paperback. This is fantastic book about the “growth” mindset that can help dad achieve even greater success and even more successful kids. This isn’t the pop psychology of some “guru.” The author is a professor at Stanford.

The Martian.  $5.99 Kindle, $15.48 hardcover, $9.00 paperback. This is the best thriller/science-fiction book that I’ve read, and I read a lot. If nothing else, it will convince dad not to sign up for a trip to Mars.

I already own everything on this list except the Spyderco knife, and that’s on order, so these items don’t lack first-hand experience. Most of the items are under $20, so there’s not a lot of downside with giving dad any of them. You might want to buy some of them for yourself too.

In any case, give your father a hug from me on his special day.

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