The search for individual freedom…

I’m taking a slightly different tack today from my normal posts. In the UK we are continually being told that drastic cuts in services are the only way we as a nation can emerge from the financial meltdown.

It now seems that the nation’s conciousness has accepted that ‘we’, the public will have to put our hands in our pocket and stump up for the financial hole we find ourselves in.

I have to ask myself whether we’ve all been subliminally brainwashed into this belief. I always thought the financial world got us into this mess and they should be the ones to pay the biggest price. Looks as though I am wrong (at least in the minds of the powers that be) and the banks et al can make a token gesture of contrition and all will be right.

Well I don’t agree and I intend to do something about it for my own personal situation. How about yourself? Do you feel that you’ve been asked to suffer from the mistakes of others? If you do then I’d recommend learning more about what you can do about it.

The first thing you have to realise is that you have the right to protect what is yours. Many people believe that opening an offshore bank account is illegal. This is not true. You are perfectly entitled to do this and given the turmoil that hit the financial markets recently would be something that I’d heartily recommend.

The term offshore bank has become tainted but in its simplest form is a bank in any jurisdiction where you are not resident. So, for example, as I am UK resident I could have a bank in the US and that would be termed an offshore bank account for my circumstances. Now I’m pretty sure no-one would consider US banks in any way illegal.

This is just one way in which you can learn to become more independent and help to safeguard what is yours. If this is of interest I’d encourage you to subscribe to a series of emails that provide more detail and advice about the benefits of individual freedom and how to obtain it.

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