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Dollar Reserves Increase

Despite all the gnashing of teeth regarding the dollar ...

CFTC May Limit Energy Speculation

I believe that investment funds have had a disproportionate effect on commodities markets over the past five years.  Restrictions on the holdings of commodity futures and swaps by investment funds could have an enormous effect on commodity prices and the stocks of commodity companies as well as resource-based economies if the US government restricts trading in commodity futures.

From Bloomberg

Manhattan Apartment Prices Drop

The expansive staff here at Running of the Bulls have been of the opinion that if the national residential housing market was not at the bottom, then it is closing in on one.

Net Flat

I hedged out all my longs by putting on new shorts today.  I do not like the action of the market.  However, I am not looking for a tremendous break on the downside.

Now that I have gone net flat, it probably means stocks are going higher.

Yes, It Will End Badly. But in the Meantime...

... there is a lot of money yet to be made.  From Saturday's Wall Street Journal.

Barney Frank is a Jackass, but He is Correct. And What America can Learn from Sweden.

I caught the last snippet of Barney Frank's interview on CNBC this morning.  I wanted to track it down and watch the whole thing, so I went to the CNBC website and dug it up, which you can watch here.  I would highly suggest you watch it. 

You are Probably Bad at Investing

No offense, but the average person cannot do this very well.  From Dalbar via World Beta.

Over the past 20 years investors in stock mutual funds have underperformed the S&P500 by 6.5% a year.  (8.35% vs. 1.37%.)  That return doesn’t even keep up with inflation.

Junk Bond Spreads Fall

But are still historically very high.  From Bespoke.