Traders Bulletin positioning for new release…

Mark Rose over at Traders Bulletin has got me a little frustrated. I first came across Mark some while ago when he was marketing a system based on spread betting the markets. The performance to be honest wasn’t stellar although to Mark’s credit he acknowledged this and promised to keep trying to improve it.

In the meantime he’s been sending out weekly emails that provide useful advice, especially for new traders. In his most recent issue he’s written a very good piece about what people mean when they talk about risk and reward. I thought this deserved some publicity so headed over to his website to see if it was available there.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be published as yet but even so there are still some good pieces worth taking a look at. Hopefully he will be able to upload this latest one in the not too distant future.

One thing Mark has been quietly promoting in his newsletter each week is a new service that is due to be launched on Wednesday 29 September at 11am (BST I guess). He has given little snippets of what this new service is and that beta testers are very pleased with it.

It’s still not clear what this will entail or really how profitable it may be but Mark does appear to be a stand up guy so you might want to head over to his website and sign up for the weekly newsletter to see what emerges.

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