True Undiscovered Gems of the Internet...

A somewhat off topic post for this one but I was intrigued by a recent link that appeared in an email article that I receive. The link reveals the PC Mag Top 100 Undiscovered Websites. Yes, another list but this one does have some very good sites that you may not have come across before.

Looking through the list there were only 5 or 6 that I'd seen before so there was plenty for me to go at. I'll feature a couple here that I found interesting. Have a look yourself and come back to leave a comment about what sparks your interest.

For me the one I liked most was Lumosity, it's a site where you can test yourself on certain skill based tasks and the more you do the better your brain will function (at least that's the theory). I'm not a great player of online games but this is different as the tasks are based on cognitive studies, hence are based on a lot of meaningful research. You are able to use the site for free for the first 14 days but after that you can pay monthly ($9..95)or get a discount by paying for 12 months in advance (equivalent to $6.60 per month). Lumosity is definitely one of those sites where you will visit often (probably daily) as you test yourself and of course you can always invite your friends and family to see how they do.

The site is also interesting because it provides additional information about the science behind everything. There is definitely room for both physical and mental exercise in our lives, Lumosity is a great way to provide the brain part.

The other site id Bullpoo and whilst this may not jump out at you the site is dedicated to investing. Here you can showcase your expertise in the world of stock trading. You have several areas that are available to you if you sign up for free (you'll definitely need 20/20 vision for the T&C's).

As a member you have a $1M to trade with in the virtual environment of Bullpoo. Clearly if you are a competitive person you'll find yourself pitching your skills against others who think that they can predict how their portfolio can be maximised. You can contribute your views by way of a blog and make predictions as to where you see stocks and the markets going using the forecast feature.
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