WBwso and a speedy withdrawal…

Over the last few weeks I had some issues when I tried to access my account WBwso. It was very slow and there was one occasion where it didn’t connect at all.

I’d seen reference to similar problems on other websites so I was a little concerned that problems might be arising.

Trying again a couple of days ago it was still somewhat slow to connect but did eventually do so. Once in the member area I noticed I had some funds that I could withdraw to AlertPay so decided to see how long it might take.

Being a Sunday I didn’t really expect any notification until the Monday morning at the earliest. I was therefore very pleasantly surprised to receive notification in my email that the withdrawal had completed within two hours of the request.

Unfortunately WBwso is closed to new members for the time being so for many this may be an academic point. However, I notice that I have a good number of referrals who joined previously but have yet to fund their account.

If that relates to you then I’d encourage you to take another look at what WBwso have to offer. There are several plans available and will suit most budgets.

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