WBwso closes door to new sign ups…

A recent announcement from WBwso means that they are no longer actively seeking new members. Their announcement says that they have grown to a size where they believe they can manage member numbers efficiently.

Over the last few days they report that support responses have been slowing down due to holidays and the like. This has spurred them into making the decision to shut up shop to new sign ups.

For those who joined but have yet to make a deposit then it looks as though you are still able to as no restrictions have been announced.

Hopefully this move will allow the owners to really focus on providing the level of service members deserve.

Even though the site still has a sign up page changes have been made and you are informed that no new members are being sought.

This means that I will be removing the WBwso banner that has recently been shown on the right hand side. I’d like to thank all of the readers who have signed up under my referral link and would just remind those who are yet to invest that this is still possible.

All you need to do is login to your backoffice and review the packages that are available for investment.

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