WBwso is pretty much set and forget…

The world of online investing continues to frustrate and annoy many of us as one programme after another fails to deliver on their promises or just refuses to communicate.

In this sort of environment it’s easy to forget that there just may be a programme out there that will deliver.

WBwso is really quite easy to forget about as it just does what it promises to do in a quiet unassuming fashion (just like you’d expect from us Brits!).

There is an investment plan available for pretty much all tastes from weekly returns right up to plans that last 3 years and aim to pay back $90,000 at the end (that’s based on just $100 investment).

You can also choose from medium term plans that last for a few months. The whole business model of WBwso is based on monetizing (is that really a word?) websites so that they can either be sold on or kept to produce income.

They also deal in domain names and other web related opportunities. The site is available in English and German with Spanish and Russian translations on the way.

If, like me, you yearn for a quiet stress free life then I’d heartily recommend checking out WBwso as it really is the closest to set and forget that I’ve found online so far.

PS I’ve got quite a few referrals who signed up but never made a deposit. Could you be one? If so I’d encourage you to check the plans currently available to see if anything takes your eye

PPS If you signed up under me and made a deposit how about adding a comment to tell people your thoughts on the opportunity

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