Whether it’s £6, €7 or $10 AutoXTen can make YOU money in any language…

One thing that I haven’t made totally clear is that AutoXTen is a global opportunity. It is not restricted to any one country or region. The only requirement is that you have the equivalent of $10 (that’s US to be clear) to invest. As I’ve said you can also lock in returns for all levels in Phase 1 by paying $150 at the start (don’t use money you need for living). Doing it this way you can be sure that any commissions you are entitled to will be secured.

By focusing on using the US dollar as the reference point it’s sometimes easy to forget that many countries have their own currency and visitors may not know just how much $10 is in their money.

As the post title shows $10 is about £6 (GBP) or €7 (Euro). So, in whatever currency you work the initial cost is small. In terms of everyday expenditure it’s equivalent to a couple of Starbucks (at least in the UK). Use the Currency Converter on the right hand side to see how much it is in your currency.

It’s worth remembering that whether you make a payment of $10 or even $150 it’s a one-off payment out of your pocket. There is no recurring payment required and you know immediately upfront how much you will spend.

To make the most of this opportunity you should look to persuade others to join, there is no doubt that those who are active in the business will reap the greatest rewards. And yet, being active doesn’t mean recruiting hundreds of strangers. You can make a substantial sum by bringing in just four other people (again they should be motivated to grow their business).

The AutoXTen website does have a translation feature available on it so if you have any difficulty explaining the program to someone in another country you can always use that to help.

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