World Pension Plan edges nearer to closing…

Whilst no-one could say that the remaining Reverse Pension Plans are shooting towards their targets there is some progress being made.

Take the case of World Pension Plan. Their target is 70,000 policy sales and at the moment there are just over 3,500 remaining.

What will you get if you decide to invest? Well, firstly the investment you need to make is not that high, $55 per policy. And for each policy you have you will receive $80,000 in return. You will need to provide some proof of identity but apart from that the whole process is pretty straightforward.

Payment is made via Liberty Reserve and you will receive confirmation once the payment is made.

In an effort to speed up the purchase process there is currently an offer where for every policy purchased above 5 by an individual you would receive an additional one free.

If you want to tell others about World Pension Plan there is an incentive plan that you can join. This provides the necessary referral links that you can send out to others or include as part of an email signature or other marketing method.

Given that the number of policies remaining is relatively small all of the hard work in attracting a critical mass of members has been done and with a fair wind it shouldn’t take too long to close out. For what is a relatively modest outlay World Pension Plan is offering a great return.

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