World Pension Plus ask members to check…

There is a new update from World Pension Plus (WPP) that is asking members to ensure they have updated their details at the Yardas site.

WPP is another Reverse Pension Plan (RPP). This is a scheme where an insurance company will payout on a pension policy ahead of time. So, let’s say you are 40 years of age. You purchase an RPP and once the required number of members have been signed up the funding company will pay you a lump sum. As an example WPP will pay out $80,000 per policy. The policy itself is worth more than that so once it matures the financing company will take the full value. As the number of policy holders will span a wide age range the funding company can predict what level of funding they will receive each year. In the example I’ve quoted above the funding company would have to wait 25 years for the payout whilst you receive part of it now.

The investment per policy does vary between providers but for WPP it is $55. They are also running a special offer where for every policy above 5 you purchase you’ll get 1 free. There is no limit to the number of policies an individual can purchase although there is an age limit for being eligible. Anyone over 66 years old is not able to profit from the RPP but they can still earn referral commissions.

Whilst no-one can predict how long it will take WPP to close they have a significant number of members already.

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