Roseman's Eruptions

Gold Stocks Boost Dividends

Montreal, Canada

More gold stocks are paying dividends as profits continue to boom.

Investors have rarely looked to gold mining companies as cash-paying entities. But as gold prices rise for the eleventh straight year and accelerate a decade-long bull market, more companies are announcing dividend payouts.

Dollar Bears Relish but End of QE II Spells Trouble

Montreal, Canada

There’s no denying the secular long-term trend of the American dollar. In the absence of significant spending cuts and big cuts in entitlement spending, the dollar will remain hostage to selling as investors chase superior growth rates accompanied by smarter balance sheets. Gold’s charge to newer highs confirms the dollar’s latest freefall.

Summer is a Great Time for Shorts

Montreal, Canada

With summer approaching, it’s usually a good time to buy shorts. And I’m not talking about the kind you wear with a tank-top amid stifling temperatures.

Betting against the market – any market – is one of the hardest endeavors for even the most seasoned investor. More often than not, I’ve lost money on almost every put option over the past 20 years. Timing is everything with options.

Even the pros can’t short-sell consistently.

Silver as a Signal to Buy Gold

- Dugald Malcolm, Montreal

Silver has been on a meteoric rise since August of last year. The 150% gain in the metal’s price has taken it from just $18 an ounce then to over $45 dollars an ounce today. But if you think its 8 month performance is impressive, take a look at how silver has performed over the last decade. Since 2001, prices have increased a mind blowing 1025%!

Nestlé Follows the Money Trail in China

Montreal, Canada

One of my favorite companies in the world is Nestlé SA of Switzerland (Zurich-NESN). Regardless of your age or risk, this stock can comfortably sit in every portfolio.

Corn Planting in U.S. Mostly Behind 2010 Levels

Montreal, Canada

According to this morning’s Grain Insight, published by Bill Gary, U.S. corn planting is reported to be significantly behind last year’s pace in most major states. This possibly sets the stage for another super-spike in corn prices this summer as other critically important harvests in Russia and Canada are set to announce crop production.

Alternative Energy a Laggard Until Natural Gas Enters Secular Bull Market

Montreal, Canada

Is alternative energy marking a comeback after peaking in 2007? Or is this just a bear market rally after trading at basement levels?

Buying alternative energy, particularly solar, was a smart move at the beginning of 2011 and especially immediately following the tragic events of March 11 in Northern Japan.

Gold and Silver as Legal Tender

Zurich, Switzerland

Across a growing chorus of stores and other retail outlets all over the United States, vendors are accepting EUR as payment.

And now, gold and silver are accepted as legal tender currency in the state of Utah. Other states are pursuing similar actions.

Investors aren’t the only ones tired of ultra-loose Federal Reserve monetary policy.

Is Goldman Bearish or Book-Running?

Zurich, Switzerland

Commodity markets are on edge this week after reports that Goldman Sachs has turned short-term bearish on the complex and urged clients to sell its commodity basket, including crude oil.

The benchmark S&P Goldman Sachs Commodity Index (GSCI) fell almost 3% on Tuesday – its largest daily decline thus far in 2011.

The Mother of Commodity Offerings

Zurich, Switzerland

Formerly named Mark Rich & Company, Swiss-based Glencore International Limited will sell a stake to the public next month as it seeks to raise up to $11 billion dollars – the biggest IPO in 2011. Other trading houses are contemplating a similar move as most commodities prices sit at nominal new highs.

But this mega-IPO won’t list in New York (NYSE). Rather, Glencore will be dual-listed in London and Hong Kong.