Online Investing to Earn Money

Foolproof Evening Trading System launches...

In a previous post I announced that Louise Woof planned to launch a new trading system. Well, now that system named Foolproof Evening Trading System has been officially launched.

The idea behind this system is that it should suit those people who are unable to trade during normal market hours due to other commitments.

My FAP Turbo and FOREX VPS working together...

This is the first week that I've had my full setup done for the FAP Turbo EA. It took  a while to get things working correctly on my Virtual Private Server (VPS), Forex VPS so if you are considering using such a service then please make sure you allow some time to get everything working correctly.

Initially I had problems getting the screen resolution on the VPS correct but did manage this eventually.

Developers of Forex Auto Scalper broaden offering...

There seems to be a lot of interest being generated about Forex Auto Scalper at the moment. My previous post will give those unfamiliar with this new robot some details.

Will Thirty Dollar Unit payout?

I recently received an email from Tim asking whether I had been paid on the first cycle of Thirty Dollar Unit as he was not sure whether to investigate the opportunity further.

I replied that I hadn't been paid personally and was using a recommendation from John Noakes at the Secure Your Future forum as my reason for joining.

FOREX Auto Scalper released...100 copies free

If, like me, you have been interested in making money online for some time you will find yourself receiving emails about opportunities from people you won't have heard of. An example of this happened to me just recently.

I received an email from Martin Alexander who was offering for free a copy of a FOREX Expert Advisor (EA) that he has named Auto Scalper.

Cranking the handle on FAP Turbo...

Now that Xmas and New Year are somewhat of a distant memory it's time once again to get serious about making money online. I've just re-started my FAP Turbo programme with the aim of making money each night this week.

When I turned off the software before the break I was showing a small profit on my one night of live trading.

Evening trading to make money...

Many people who would like to take advantage of trading on the markets hesitate because they are unable to trade at the most profitable times.

For a lot of people this means that they are busy with the day j.o.b. Wouldn't it be great if you could trade when it suits you in the evening. Well, it now looks as that might be possible. A lady named Louise Woof is about to launch a service where evening trading will be the focus.

Loiuse is the author of the well thought of Foolproof FOREX and Foolproof Early Bird Trading Packages.

FOREX trading you can have control over...

As 2009 starts to unfold I'd like to introduce you to an opportunity where you can maintain control over funds but also look forward to returns of 70% a month on your investment.

John Noakes from the Secure Your Future forum has started what he has named the Private Trades Club, this is a genuine attempt to help people make a good income without having to do too much themselves.

Thirty Dollar Unit revving up...

As the Xmas break ends it's good to see that the world of online investing is beginning to start the wheels in motion again.

It's been just over a week since I posted about Thirty Dollar Unit and I'm happy to report that I've just received confirmation that my payment just before the holiday has been safely received.

The opportunity is pretty straightforward.

FOREX trading slow but profitable...

As readers will no doubt realise I believe FOREX trading is a great way to acquire a realistic second income. Also, as there are several ways to get involved it allows those from many backgrounds to profit.

If you are someone who likes to keep total control over the trades you make then you will be very interested in the system offered by a gentleman called George Smith. An airline pilot, George found himself at the age of 60 no longer required by his employer.