Online Investing to Earn Money

Online Poker Winnings where you can't flop...

The growth of online poker has been something of a phenomenon over the last few years. In fact it has brought poker into the main stream with high value tournaments being aired on many TV channels and the players featured as up and coming stars.

50,000 up my backside...

Unless you've been hibernating over the last month or so you can't fail to have seen that giblink has had a very successful launch. Officially launched on October 15th the programme is gradually settling down and has started to come true on the promises that were highly publicised in its early days.

When you join you purchase what are known as pods and these progress through the various levels as new pods come in behind yours.

A Frenetic Period for Money Making...

Today's post sees us commenting on a rather frenetic period in the world of Reverse Pension Plans (RPPs) and Traded Endowment Policies (TEPs).

I've written about Global Pension Plan many times before and it is again in the news. The admin, Stella, has posted in the forum that there are about 1,200 individual member profiles that need updating before the scheme can be considered ready to begin the process of validating things prior to payment.

Three Ways for Making

Today I've decided to recap some recent posts as they are either time-sensitive or important in ensuring that you join early into an opportunity.

Firstly, Steve Hoven at Lazy Trading is selling software that will help you if you are interested in trading on the FOREX markets and specifically with a BetonMarkets account.

Fast Moving Business Opportunity...

Another time sensitive post today as news of a new business opportunity is to be announced at 8pm GMT on Friday 12 October. I am a member of the Secure Your Future forum and the admin, John, has scheduled a special announcement for  Friday about what he refers to as a 'fast moving business'.

Members of the forum will be able to take advantage of early notification for this opportunity in a first phase roll-out.

Referral Post 011 - FOREX trading at the Click of a Mouse!

This latest post has somewhat of a time-sensitive nature about it. If you are a regular reader you will know that I am a big fan of Fixed Odds Trading at BetonMarkets and I've just heard of an offer that is related to this market.

Third Quarter 2007 - How's it going?

As I've done a review of progress for the first two quarters of the year it's time I had a look back at the third quarter to see how things have gone.

It would be great to report that things have all been very positive and that all of my online investing has gone smoothly with money rolling in to my various accounts. Unfortunately that, as I'm sure you'll have guessed, is more pie in the sky than reality.

So, let's look in more detail at what has happened.

Money Making...Do It Yourself!

In previous posts I've made the point that, for the majority of people who are involved in higher risk online investing, we rely on others to provide the returns promised. Sadly, there are many instances where this implied trust has broken down and losses have resulted.

Of course the 'simple' answer is to ignore others and do things yourself. At least this way if there are any losses there is only one person to blame, namely yourself. Working on this basis I'm looking at ways to balance the risk of where and how I invest my money.

Referral Post 010 - An amalgam of money-making ideas

I've just heard about a new amalgam of ideas that has the potential for a good income opportunity. Some of you may remember an online programme that was called YMMSS and was around a while back. It was fairly successful but eventually ran out of steam and closed down. It seems that whilst the basic premise was sound the execution eventually failed.

Small outlay, High Returns...

Heading off shortly for a week in Tenerife so I thought I'd do a quick post as a follow-up to yesterday's.