How to Change the World

Transitions at CES

I noticed a lot of transitions at CES this year. Please check them out here. Truly, “innovate or die” is how the world works.

How to get manuals

Over at the American Express Open Forum, you can learn how to get manuals for all the gizmos that you bought or received this Christmas. Just click here.

Amazing origami shop

I recently visited an amazing origami shop in Honolulu. Click here to see the pictures from it.

How to master your iPad

Are you trying to master your iPad? I’ve got a deal for you. For one week, you can download a free copy of Tanya Engst’s Take Control of iPad Basics ebook. Just go here and “like” the page to get it.

How to raise a smart and happy child

Who among us has not wondered if we’re doing the right things as we raise our children? If you have, then you should check out this interview with John Medina, author of Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child From Zero to Five. John is a developmental molecular biologist, and he shoots down a lot of the things that helicopter parents are imposing on their kids.

Sure fire way to get more Facebook fans

Over at the American Express Open Forum I just posted a method I recently learned to increase fans for Facebook pages. It involves “revealing” special content and offers to people who “like” you page. Check out how to do this in you’re interesting in increasing the impact of your Facebook marketing impact.

My reign in Spain

I spoke in Madrid at the FICOD conference in mid November. These are pictures from my reign in Spain. I’m feeling pretty Spanish these days because I’ve been to Barcelona, Malaga, and Madrid for speeches.

Facebook Fan Page Or Website

Over at the American Express Open Forum, I answer the age-old question of whether a company should make a Facebook fan page or a website. Click here to read it.

Get a free copy of The Macintosh Way by @guykawasaki

If you’d like to get a free copy of my first book, The Macintosh Way, just go here.