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How to decode the US immigration process

If you’re confused by the U. S. Immigration process, I recently posted an explanation of it at the American Express Open Forum blog. Robert C. Meltzer, CEO of VISANOW, provided the information. His company is in the business of helping people obtain visas, so he should know. (Disclosure: Garage is an investor in VISANOW.) Learn how to decode the immigration process here.

How to Find Your Lost iPhone

Think about this: How much time, effort, and expense would it take to replace your iPhone if you lost it? You’d have to go to the Apple store, buy a phone, get it hooked up to your number, sync it with iTunes (you did back it up, right?), and then tweak it to just the way you like it.

The Zen of PowerPoint, Facebook, and Twitter

Over at the American Express Open Forum, I recently posted an article about the application of ten Japanese concepts to PowerPoint, Facebook, and Twitter. Check it out here if you want a conceptual framework to simplify your use of these tools.

Example needed: How companies celebrate success

Looking for unusual and cool ways that companies celebrate success. Not interested in the usual "more money than creativity" methods like parties with famous entertainers, taking everyone to Hawaii, blah-blah-blah. Send me enchanting and clever examples:

Examples needed: Enchanting websites

I’m collecting a list of websites that are “enchanting.” That is, they are inviting, communicative, and cool. For example, I think that Work Awesome is enchanting. I’d love to see what websites are enchanting too. Please add list them in the Comments section below.

Example needed: Getting enchanted by an employee

Looking for a story of being enchanted by an employee. I need an example of a boss (you) getting enchanted by an employee. What did he or she do to enchant you? What was the feeling like? Please send to

Examples Needed: Personal stories of enchantment

I would like to include a few personal stories of enchantment in my next book. I am looking for examples of how people, products, services, organizations, ideas, or causes swept you off your feet.


  • Written from your personal experience, not an external, academic view.

  • 150-200 words

  • Ideally, all the basics would be in your essay: who, what, when, why, and how.

As an example, here is how something enchanted me:

Examples need: Outside passions

Need some examples of the passions and hobbies of famous people—indeed that make them more interesting and approachable. For example, Scott McNealy loves hockey. Please send examples to Would especially like women examples.

Want country-specific news?

If you’d like country-specific news, please click here. We’ve aggregated news for approximately forty-five countries to make it easy and fast for you.

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