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Charting Tricks of the Pros Part II

Looking Beyond the Popular Head & Shoulders…

By Sean Hyman Yesterday, I gave you all the ins and outs of how to use the most popular Forex charting technique to your advantage…the head and shoulders charting pattern.

Charting Tricks of the Pros Part I

By Sean Hyman One thing I’ve learned over the years is that pros can easily see things in charts that the novices simply don’t recognize.

For instance, one of the most famous charting patterns out there is called the “Head & Shoulders” pattern. Let’s take a look at what it looks like below.

A Solution to This Crisis at G-20? Don’t Hold Your Breath

By Chris Gaffney, CFA  

The deteriorating world economy adds to the urgency surrounding tomorrow's G-20   meeting in London. The news media has set expectations unreasonably high for this meeting. In fact, they believe we’ll see an actual solution to the global economic slowdown.  

Unfortunately I don't agree. The main focus of the meetings will be establishing new regulations for the global financial system.

Cross-Examining Cross Rates

Top 5 Reasons Why Traders Prefer NON-DOLLAR Pairs (and Why You May Too!)

By Sean Hyman

Even though there are over 60 tradable currency pairs in the world, 80% of all daily transactions involve trading the G-7 currencies (i.e., the “major currencies”).

And as I’m sure you can guess, a significant chunk of those daily trades involves the U.S. dollar. It makes sense. Traders want to pair the dollar against other currencies because the world’s reserve currency promises to be the most liquid and readily available.

What Your Retirement Planner Won’t Tell You…

How to Buy the RIGHT Commodities  and Currencies for Your IRA

By Sean Hyman

I just read that over US$2 Trillion was lost in retirement funds during the 2008 investment year.

So if your retirement plan is hemorrhaging, trust me – it’s not your fault. After all, who could have predicted that stocks would drop like a rock around the entire world?

In the Worldwide Race to 0%, Do Interest Rates Even Matter Anymore?

By Sean Hyman

We used to have a glut of high interest rates throughout the world. In fact, an industrious, profit-seeking Forex trader could find higher returns than the dollar almost anywhere from the high-yielding euro to the Aussie dollar…from the British pound to even the Mexican peso for a while.

But of course, today it’s a whole other story.

The Guts of Forex: What a Market With No Exchange Looks Like on the Inside

By Sean Hyman

Forex trading is a mystery to many retail investors simply because it doesn’t trade like your traditional stocks, bonds or commodities.

For starters, the Forex market doesn’t have any kind of physical exchange. Instead, all trading takes place on the computer screens of both institutional and retail Forex traders around the globe 24 hours a day, roughly five and a half days a week.

How Big Government’s “Bait and Switch” Tactics Are On Track to Annihilate Your Savings

(And What YOU can do to stop it)

By Eric Roseman

There’s a war going on outside.

You won’t see it on TV. You’re not going to hear about it in the news. And most people won’t even know they’re fighting in it until it’s entirely too late.

The Forex “Profit Secret” that Dates Back to 1202 A.D.

By Sean Hyman

Would you believe that in this high-tech, modern world, we still use an ancient profit secret that dates back to 1202 A.D. for our trading?

It’s true. In fact, savvy investors use this ancient concept in all financial markets each and every day. Hedge funds, banks, mutual fund managers and retail speculators all over the world use this secret.

I’m talking about Fibonacci levels.

“Is Switzerland Really the Next Iceland?”

By Chuck Butler, Editor

I must say I love all my inquisitive readers. It truly is a pleasure to write to so many opinionated “armchair economists” like myself.

Perhaps it’s these insane markets or perhaps it’s just my winning personality, but lately I’ve been getting even more questions than usual.